Understanding Eye Problems

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Learn How To Make Getting Glasses For The First Time The Best Experience Possible

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Many first time parents do not realize that children may need glasses very early in life. If you notice that your child is not able to see clearly, bumps into things, or cannot easily identify some of the things that they are seeing, there is a good chance that he or she may need glasses. Learn a few things you can do to help your child prepare for their first eye-examination and glasses. Read More»

Has Your Kindergartener Seen These Specialists? What To Know

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A lot of parents will take their child to the pediatrician for their wellness visit and assume that the screenings and physical they get from the pediatrician are all the care they need, but this isn’t true. Your pediatrician will do a variety of things inside the office, but checking things like your child’s hearing and vision is imperative. Many parents don’t realize that their kids need to see specific specialists as they grow and develop. Read More»