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4 Vision Tests Given By Your Optometrist

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Regardless if you are going to the eye doctor because of a problem with your vision or for a comprehensive exam, there are certain tests you must take. These tests are designed to assist in determining the condition of your eyes or to help the eye doctor make a diagnosis. Knowing some of the common vision tests, you will be required to take may help ease your mind prior to your appointment.

Visual acuity

How well you can see the letters on an eye chart can help the optometrist determine the state of your vision in each eye. This test is the visual acuity test, and you will be asked to read the letters in each line of the chart out loud for your optometrist.

Refraction testing

If you need to get corrective lenses, you will have a refraction test. This is when you will look through the lens on a machine and identify the objects. During this test, the eye doctor will ask you questions to help determine the precise prescription you will need to see better.

Glaucoma testing

Your eye doctor will want to check for glaucoma and the test used for doing this is painless. The most common way to be tested for glaucoma is when your eye doctor will put a puff of air in the eye region.

If there is a certain amount of resistance to the air, this could be an indication of too much pressure on the eyes, and this is a sign of glaucoma.

Pupil dilation

In an attempt to get the best view of your entire eye, you will need to get your pupils dilated. This means your eye doctor will put specific drops in your eyes, and it will take 20-30 minutes for these to work.

For some people, these drops can cause pain and make it extremely difficult to see well for a few hours. It's ideal to have a person with you who can drive you home for your eye exam and also be sure to take some sunglasses with you. Your eyes will be extremely sensitive to sunlight when you get your pupils dilated.

The benefits of having a comprehensive eye exam are many. You will be able to learn the health of your eyes and additionally get the necessary corrective lenses to help you see your best. Be sure to schedule your eye exam today with a Langley optometrist in your area.