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Choose The Right Glasses By Following These Simple Tips

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If you have found yourself in need of prescription glasses, then you want to pick out the best frames for your face. You will also need to choose the options for your lenses that give you glasses you are completely satisfied with. Here are some tips for choosing the right glasses:

Finding the right frames

When you are looking for the right frames, you want to start with the shape you like that also looks right with your face shape. A person with a round face will look better in rectangular glasses; round glasses will further accentuate the roundness of their face. In this same respect, a person with a rectangular face will look better in oval or round glasses. Once you figure out the shape, move on to choosing frames that are comfortable.

Try them on and look in all directions. You should not have a part of the frames blocking a large area of your view. You also want to make sure they fit comfortable on your ears and nose without causing too much pressure that can lead to headaches when you wear them for an extended period of time.

Choosing between glass or plastic lenses

There are benefits to both glass and plastic lenses, so you need to determine which type is best for you. Glass lenses are heavier, but they give you the benefit of not scratching. Plastic lenses are much lighter and this makes them more comfortable, but they are prone to scratching.

Adding on extra options

When you order your glasses, you'll also be able to have options added to the lenses to fit your specific needs. An anti-glare coating on the lenses will help reduce the glare from lights which will be especially helpful for nighttime driving.

A scratch-resistant coating on plastic lenses will help protect them from small scratches. A tint will help give you a little protection from the bright sun when you are going to be outside. You can get tints in different strengths and different colors, such as gray, brown, yellow, purple, etc. This allows you to match the tint to the frames and give your glasses a look you like.

By putting extra thought into choosing the right pair of glasses, you will end up with a pair that you look good in, that fit you comfortably and that have other options that help you see better. Contact a local optometrist, such as River Valley Eye Care, for further assistance.