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Everything You Need To Know About Caffeine And Your Eyesight

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Caffeine is a great product to get that morning wake up boost, but you may not want to consume as much of the product after you see some of the bad things you could be doing to your eyes. The connection is still under debate, but with many of the studies, it seems you should at least restrict your intake. Here are some of the suggestions you should consider.


Two servings of a caffeinated beverage (tea or coffee) can provide eye moisture and prevent dry eyes. It helps produce tears while keeping the eyes moist. However, more than two can deplete the tear film and cause irritation.

Risk Factors

Over two servings may place you in a category for the risk of vision loss. Research indicated three or more can possibly raise the risk of glaucoma.

Eye Twitches

Too much caffeine can cause eye twitches. You may experience blurry vision, upper eyelid spasms, and light sensitivity. The eye is a muscle and will spasm the same way other body parts do as a reaction to the stimulant. The twitch is usually harmless and painless and will go away on its own, but do not ignore it. Take it as a sign you need to cut back on the caffeine.

However, you must be cautious because the twitching could be a sign of the pink eye, and in rare cases, dystonia, Parkinson's disease, or Tourette's syndrome. It may just be a simple reason, but if it continues, and you have reduced caffeine intake, it may be time to have it checked by a doctor.


Recent studies have indicated that caffeine does have an effect on intraocular pressure (IOP) or glaucoma. The optic nerve disease can be affected by improper nutrition. Many years ago, it was believed caffeine had no effect on IOP, or only in some rare cases. It does have an effect on the ocular blood flow and the constriction of the arteries and veins in the eye. If you have migraines or cardiovascular issues, it is safer to reduce your intake of caffeine and switch to decaffeinated drinks.

With this information, you now realize cutting back on those caffeinated beverages may be just what the doctor ordered. The two a day method may seem harsh, but so is losing your eyesight. With all of the decaffeinated beverages offered in today's market, you can switch without losing your favorite beverages. 

For more information, contact an optometrist in your area.