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Protect Your Vision With Function And Fashion: Picking The Right Eyeglass Frames

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For most people, your eyeglasses become a central part of the look that you display to the world every day. Rather than allowing yourself to be frustrated by your need to wear glasses, it's important to embrace the possibility of finding a high fashion solution to a nagging vision problem.

There are, however, seemingly countless styles from which you're able to choose when you go to pick out a new pair of glasses. Rather than allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by the options, it's important that you take the time to carefully sort through the selections and come up with a versatile and attractive pair. Below is a guide to some factors to consider to help you do just that.

Face Shape

Picking out a pair of glasses that compliments the shape of your face is important not only for your look, but also for your comfort. If you select the wrong frame shape, you might find yourself constantly adjusting your glasses and struggling to keep your vision comfortable and safe.

If you have a hard time determining which type your face shape falls into, be sure to talk to the sales representatives at the location where you buy your glasses. Often times, they have templates available that you can spend time attempting to match up with in order to secure a solid shape opinion.

Lifestyle Considerations

People who lead an incredibly active lifestyle might not benefit from picking out delicate eyeglass frames that are more susceptible to damage over the long term. Conversely, if you lead a more sedentary life, it may not be necessary to pick out a pair of glasses that are thick, rigid, and seemingly indestructible.

Considering your lifestyle when picking your glasses can help guide you toward the right kind of materials as well as the right kind of protection plan. If you tend to have a lot of variance in your day, you might consider ordering multiple pairs for different occasions. 


Your glasses might represent an excellent opportunity to bring a splash of color into your life that might otherwise be missing. If your skin tends to appear washed out or if your wardrobe is composed mainly of neutral tones, a colorful pair of glasses can be a great way to accent your look. It's important to remember, of course, that some professional and formal occasions might require a more demure look, so you may want to consider snagging a conservative second pair.

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