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5 Tips For Having A Fast Recovery After Lasik Surgery

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One of the ideal ways to help you see better is having Lasik surgery. Doing this one thing may be the key to having a higher quality of life. The good news is you can get back to enjoying your daily activities quickly by doing the right things during recovery. Knowing specific tips to help your recovery time go faster is sure to be ideal.

Tip #1: Avoid driving

The last thing you will want to do after having this procedure is getting behind the wheel. In fact, you should have another person take you to your appointment to be able to drive you home.

Putting too much strain on your eyes afterward can make your recovery time be a much longer one and isn't good for your vision.

Tip #2: Get proper rest

You may want to take a couple of days off work once you have Lasik surgery because this can allow your eyes adequate time to heal and fully recover. The more you can rest your body the fewer problems you may have, and it's possible you can go back to work sooner.

Tip #3: Don't wear cosmetics

If you typically wear eye makeup,  you will want to avoid doing this for some time. Of course, your optometrist will give you proper instructions that you should follow to know when you can resume wearing cosmetics again.

However, you will want to avoid potentially irritating the eyes, and this is possible to do after surgery. 

Tip #4: Revisit your eye doctor

It's common for most optometrists to want to see you within a day or two after having this process. The main reason for this is to ensure you aren't having issues and that your vision is as well as it can be.

Tip #5: Protect your eyes in the sun

It's ideal to stay inside as much as you can for a day or two after this procedure. You will want to be sure to protect your eyes from the sun for the fastest recovery.

Taking the proper care of yourself will allow you to feel better quickly after Lasik surgery and this is important.  There are specific things you will want to do and some you should avoid, as well. Be sure to talk to your optometrist, like those at Cornea Consultants of Nashville, about other things you can do that will decrease any issues you may have and your recovery time in the process today!