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Regularly Suffering From Headaches? Your Glasses Might Be Behind It

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Headaches are a difficult problem for anyone to go through. While most headaches aren't completely debilitating, they can make accomplishing anything more difficult and painful. If you're having regular headaches and wear glasses, it's possible that the glasses have something to do with it. Here's what you need to know to put an end to your headaches.


One of the biggest problems that people frequently face that can trigger headaches is an out-of-date vision prescription.

When your eye doctor orders glasses for you, they do it with scientific measurements regarding your eye and the vision correction you need. However, this correction isn't a constant: eyes can change in a lot of ways over a person's life, and what was once a good vision correction prescription for you may not be anymore. Struggling to peer through the wrong vision prescription can cause headaches and eye tension, in addition to potentially making things look blurry. However, headaches can start before you perceive any visual changes.


Another common issue with glasses is that the coating on the lenses has been damaged or was never added in the first place.

The coating in question here is an anti-reflective coating. This helps to prevent you from having to peer through the glare of computer and phone screens on your glasses. In this day and age, this type of protection is more important than ever or you can risk developing headaches whenever you're looking at a screen or light.

If you did get an anti-reflective coating when you got your glasses several years ago, it's possible that it's broken down. Coatings don't last forever, especially if they're cleaned with rough cloth, paper, or washed with soap. In other words, you may no longer be protected.

Getting Help

The good news is that in order to correct this problem, all you need to do is visit an eye doctor's office to get a new vision prescription.

While you're there, consider getting a full eye exam, too. This will ensure that nothing's going on with your vision that could potentially cause a headache or develop alongside your headaches. Your optometrist will check your eye pressure, look at the inside of your eye, and ensure that your circulation is good, which are all important to your overall eye health and vision

With a clean bill of health, a new vision prescription will be selected for you, and a new pair of glasses ordered with a fresh anti-reflective coating. You'll be feeling better soon.