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Reasons to Consider Contact Lenses

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If you need prescription lenses to correct your vision, then you may be a good candidate for contact lenses, as most people are. You can read more here for some helpful content about contact lenses and a few reasons why you may want to go with them. 

Why some people wear contacts full time

A lot of people opt to wear contact lenses all the time. Sometimes they don't feel like they look good in glasses, and some just don't want others to know that they need to wear prescription lenses. Contacts can also be more comfortable to wear, as can be seen when lying on their side trying to watch TV or relaxing in bed at the end of a long day. Contacts also don't cause the glare glasses sometimes can, they don't leave indents on the person's nose or face, and they can leave a person feeling like they don't even have vision issues. 

Why some people have contacts for occasional wear

Some people who normally wear glasses will occasionally wear contact lenses because it adds an extra level of convenience to wear the contacts for special occasions, such as when they have their pictures taken, going out on a date, wearing sunglasses, or when they feel like their makeup looks great and they really want to show it off. You may find that having prescription contact lenses on hand for these types of occasions works out for you as well. 

Why some people get unique contact lenses

Sometimes, people will get prescription contact lenses that are colored, and these contacts make a person's eyes look a different color. Sometimes, people wear these colored contacts because they feel like changing their eye color for a while. Some of these contacts can give someone unique-looking eyes, such as giving them red eyes, white eyes, black eyes, eyes with cat-shaped pupils, and more. People will wear these unique contact lenses for things like going to Comic Con or to complete a Halloween costume. If you like the idea of changing the look of your eyes, you can often find these types of contacts in a prescription form so you can see better with them. 


Now you have a good deal of information about contacts and may better understand why you may want to have some. You might decide to wear them all the time, or you might just want to make sure you have them on hand to wear when you feel like using them instead of your glasses. For more information about contact lens prescription, contact a local optometrist near you.