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Key Advice When Getting Ready For An Eye Exam For Poor Vision

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If your vision has started to get worse over time, it's important to see a professional as quickly as you can. You'll go through an official eye exam to see what's wrong, which will go smoothly if you take these precautions.

Know What Medications You're Taking

There are certain medications that can impact your vision and because of this fact, you want to come into your eye exam with a list of medications you're currently on. They could be relevant to explaining why you're experiencing vision loss to begin with. 

Just make a complete list of these medications and then hand them over before your assessment begins. You might not even need corrective measures if you're taking a medication that has eye-related effects. An optometrist will be able to tell pretty early on and make corrections that are truly needed for better vision.

Be Honest During Your Assessment

The optometrist or eye technician that conducts the eye exam will have you go through a series of assessments. For example, they'll typically have you stand back a certain distance away from letters and have you read them off. This is known as a visual acuity test. 

In order for these assessments to reveal important information about your eye health, you need to be honest the entire time. Don't try to guess the correct answer because that's just going to interfere with the results of this eye exam. Be honest and tell the professional what you see, even if that means you can't see that well at all. Then you'll receive meaningful assistance.

Listen to Preventative Measures

Regardless of the results from your eye exam, your optometrist will more than likely break down some measures that can prevent vision problems from getting worse over time. You want to really listen up when this advice is given because it could keep you away from serious eye trouble over the years.

They might suggest a healthy lifestyle that targets eye health in particular or suggest certain devices that prevent eye strain. It will just depend on the eye problems you're currently dealing with.

Eye exams are very beneficial to those experiencing eye-related problems, which can include pressure and vision issues. If you need to have one performed for vision issues in particular, make sure you come in totally prepared. Then you won't have to worry or go out of your way to correct what's wrong. 

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