Understanding Eye Problems

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A Few Tips For Choosing An Eye Care Clinic

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You probably grew up seeing your primary care physician and dentist regularly. You may even still seem these same healthcare professionals as an adult. However, unless you had the need for prescription eyeglasses as a child or teen, you may have never been to an eye doctor. If you are now starting to have trouble with your vision, you need to choose one to see. Here are a few tips for choosing an eye care clinic. Read More»

Now You See, Now You Don't: Four Reasons Why Your Contacts Aren't Working For You

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Eye contacts, or contact lenses, have come a long way from the very hard and scratchy ones first sold in the sixties and seventies. However, you still have to be really careful with your soft contact lenses, or you could tear them. Even while wearing your lenses, you may encounter a lot of problems with your vision and plenty of discomfort. If you are having a hard time seeing and a more difficult time wearing your lenses, something is very wrong. Read More»

Protect Your Vision With Function And Fashion: Picking The Right Eyeglass Frames

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For most people, your eyeglasses become a central part of the look that you display to the world every day. Rather than allowing yourself to be frustrated by your need to wear glasses, it’s important to embrace the possibility of finding a high fashion solution to a nagging vision problem. There are, however, seemingly countless styles from which you’re able to choose when you go to pick out a new pair of glasses. Read More»