Understanding Eye Problems

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How To Pick The Best Frames For Your Next Pair Of Glasses

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If you have to have glasses, then you’ll want to choose the right frames, since you’ll be wearing them for quite a while. There are so many to choose from that you’ll be overwhelmed if you go into the store not having any idea what you are looking for. This is why it’s best to have at least an idea of some of the things you prefer and things you don’t like. Read More»

Heading To The Pool This Summer? 5 Ways To Protect Your Eyes In The Water

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Splashing around in the swimming pool is an inherent part of summer for most Americans. But pool time can be hazardous to your delicate eyes. So, how can you keep safe and still have a good time in the water? Here are 5 easy ways. Rinse Yourself Off  Rinsing off in the shower before and after swimming helps keep chemicals and beauty products out of the water. Things like lotions, cremes, hair conditioner, deodorants, and makeup all contain ingredients that will come off in the pool and mix with the chemicals already in the pool. Read More»

Dry Eye Signs, Causes & Solutions

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Having dry eyes may make you unable to concentrate, focus and do just about any daily task. You need your eyes to do just about anything, so if your eyes aren’t functioning at 100%, it can make your life more difficult. It may also lead to other things such as headaches, stress, or nauseousness. If you think you have dry eyes, read on for some of the signs, as well as the causes and what you can do about it. Read More»

Your Eyes At 40: Are You Ready For The Changes?

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Aging eyes require more care, not less. When you are young, and even into your thirties, your eyes seem to have no limitations except those to which you were genetically predisposed. Then you turn 40, and suddenly things are not quite the same. It is disconcerting when you begin to notice oddities with your vision. Hopefully, if you are still seeing your eye doctor annually, he or she will catch anything out of the ordinary. Read More»

5 Tips For Having A Fast Recovery After Lasik Surgery

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One of the ideal ways to help you see better is having Lasik surgery. Doing this one thing may be the key to having a higher quality of life. The good news is you can get back to enjoying your daily activities quickly by doing the right things during recovery. Knowing specific tips to help your recovery time go faster is sure to be ideal. Tip #1: Avoid driving The last thing you will want to do after having this procedure is getting behind the wheel. Read More»