Understanding Eye Problems

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Cataract Removal With Intraocular Lens Implant Surgery Aftercare

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If you have cataracts, then you may experience blurred vision, cloudy vision, or double vision. You may also see halos around bright lights, especially when it is dark outside. Furthermore, colors may appear dull or even yellowed. While getting new glasses with a stronger prescription may help temporarily, as your cataracts progress, your glasses may become ineffective in correcting your vision. Because of these issues, your optometrist may recommend eye cataract surgery. Read More»

Diabetic Eye Treatment Can Help Those Who Didn't Notice Their Disease For Awhile

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When somebody develops diabetes unexpectedly and delays their diagnosis too long, they may experience a myriad of health issues that can be hard to tolerate. For example, they could end up with diabetic retinopathy and need high-quality help to keep their vision. Thankfully, many ophthalmologists can provide the care a person needs to be healthy.  Diabetic Eye Issues Can Be Devastating Diabetes is often a condition that a person may have for a long time before experiencing any symptoms. Read More»